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The UL Database Test: Are Your Labels In Compliance?

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UL labels need to be provided by an authorized provider. But did you also know that there is more than one type of UL authorization…and that there really is no cross over between the different types? Yikes! Understandably these different types can lead to all sorts of compliance issues1. Well, thankfully UL offers a database tool […]

A Tale of Two Thermals

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal and thermal transfer both use heat for imaging, but only one is approved for UL 969 labels. Do you know the difference? Admittedly because they sound similar, they can be easily confused. But each process requires very different materials–there is no one material fits all approach. In addition, permanency of the image varies wildly between the […]

UL Labels: Link Edition

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Different people learn differently. As such, I believe it’s just as important to offer other explanations as it is to share my own. Now while I’m the self-proclaimed UL Label Guy, you may be shocked to learn that I’m not the only person writing about the exciting world of UL Labels1. The article I’m sharing with you […]

7 Quick Tips for UL Labels

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Here are some helpful tips I’ve compiled over the years working with companies to produce their Underwriter’s Laboratories labels: (1) Do sweat the details: There’s a lot of details and jargon–but they are important. For example, did you know the difference between PGJI2 and PGJI8 compliant labels is literally a country (USA versus Canada in this case)? […]