UL Marks Hub – Review Time

Pink UL

Based on my experiences, current wait time for UL’s Marks Hub is approximately 6 business days (not counting Saturday/Sunday) right now. A little background–the Mark Hub is part of UL’s new process to streamline the UL logo printing approval process. Everything has been moved online in order to accomplish this. While this turn-around-time doesn’t seem […]

UL Labels: Holiday Edition

UL Christmas Lights

It doesn’t show signs of stopping, And I’ve bought some corn for popping, The lights are turned way down low. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Great song…even if it doesn’t snow here very often in Southern California. But to help make the season bright we use a lot of Christmas lights. And what do […]

Thinking Outside the Rectangle

Multi-Part Label

When designing a custom UL label, don’t forget that custom means more than just printing and materials. It also means size and shape. Sure rectangles are common, but don’t be afraid to at least explore other options. Examples of (top) a custom shape and (bottom) custom perforations. Evaluate how your label is being used. Would a slightly […]

The Clever Way To Turn 10 UL Labels into One

Kit Label

Imagine you have 10 labels that need to go on a product. Some of those labels fulfill compliance obligations. Others are instructions. A few even label readouts, buttons, and other important controls or ports. The point is they are all important. There’s just a lot of them. So why is that a problem? Well in a traditional production model, […]

Enhanced Marks Means New Approvals Process


New Enhanced Mark? Check. New approval process? Also check…typical UL. As UL has started to push out it’s new Enhanced Mark, I’ve started to see more questions and confusion in the marketplace about how to actually get the new artwork approved. Mainly the problems are with the companies who are starting to use the new system. […]