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UL Label Development Path: Type R Follow-Up Service [UPDATED]

Print Cylinders

Update: UL has revised their Printing UL Marks document to version 6.0. This change includes references to the new enhanced marks. More importantly, it also made a fairly significant update to the authorization path for Type R Marks. UL has explicitly stated that it will no longer review artwork submitted from label printers–only the end user of the labels. […]

Holographic UL Labels


On the list of frequently asked questions, Holographic UL labels are right on up there. Let’s start from the top, in order to combat products with counterfeit UL markings, Underwriters Laboratories introduced labels with holograms. These labels were required on products that saw the largest influx of counterfeit products (e.g. christmas lights, power strips, etcetera). To stay ahead of the […]