Where Can I Get UL Labels?

At Coast Label Company of course!

I’ll admit I’m partial since I run their UL Program, but it comes with good reason. Depending on your specific application, you’ll likely need a company with either a PGAA Printer’s Agreement or approved Recognized Component constructions. Coast Label has approval for both. Here are all our current UL approvals with active links to the related files on the UL database:

Authorized Label Suppliers Program
Marking & Labeling Systems
Marking & Labeling Systems- Certified for Canada
Printing Materials
Printing Materials- Certified for Canada

Feel free to reach out and see how my team can help with your compliance labeling application. Depending on your preference, there are a couple different options include:

About Coast Label Company
Coast Label is a specialty label manufacturer. The core of our business has always been projects that require problem solving, exacting specifications, and unique solutions.

Founded in 1970, Coast Label manufactures in Fountain Valley, California. As part of our commitment to the quality of your product, we maintain an ISO 9001:2015 internationally recognized quality system. It’s worth noting that this can be a time-saver for your company, as this may help expedite our labels through your quality assurance processes.

Our team at Coast Label is also quite proud to have won the prestigious Eugene Singer Award for Best Managed Company five-time times! It is awarded by the label industry’s trade association (TLMI), and with it, you can rest-assured knowing that you are working with one of the premier companies in the industry.

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