Three Quick Facts: UL 969 Labels

Want some UL knowledge, but don’t want to deal with my lengthy rantings? Boom…you’re welcome.

There is an blog post over at that briefly touches on UL 969. It’s short, but oh so sweet. UL labels can get complicated1, but sometimes knowing a few key details can make a difference. This may not be the definitive list of key terms, but it will most surely get you going:

  1. UL 969 labels are for more than just UL tested products. Testing companies such as ETL, IAPMO, and TUV require labels that meet the standard as well. [ed. Learn more about these agencies in my post: NRTLs rhymes with Turtles]
  2. Application surface matters. Performance attributes are rated according to what surface the labels are sticking.
  3. Make sure your labels include the core identification–this informs the inspector of their compliance. Lack of core identification is one of the main reasons labels get rejected. [ed. I covered UL Recognized core labels here: UL Recognized Core Labels]

Here’s a link to the original article. Three Quick Facts: UL 969 Labels (CoastLines, June 9, 2014).

1 That’s why I have a whole site devoted to it [return]