Enhanced Marks Means New Approvals Process

New Enhanced Mark? Check. New approval process? Also check…typical UL.

As UL has started to push out it’s new Enhanced Mark, I’ve started to see more questions and confusion in the marketplace about how to actually get the new artwork approved. Mainly the problems are with the companies who are starting to use the new system.

UL Enhanced Mark

For better or worse UL has gone with a silo’d approach for approvals. By that I mean that the old standard marks can only be approved by the old method. While the new Enhanced Marks can only be approved by the new method. That’s great news is for those who are continuing to use the old mark–nothing changes. But if you are starting to use the new enhanced mark, you’ll probably need to document each process for your team to avoid confusion. Here’s the breakdown:

  • For custom labels utilizing the old or conventional UL Mark, submit your artwork directly to the UL Label Center accompanied by the correct forms.
  • For custom labels utilizing the Enhanced Logo, UL requires you to submit that artwork through their automated system in the MarksHub, where it gets approved.

Just to be clear those are the only options. If you have labels using different logo types, you will have to submit them separately. They will not let you submit Enhanced Marks the conventional way through the Label Center, nor will they approve a older style mark that’s uploaded in MarksHub.


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